Friday, July 27, 2012

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Skin care for anyone going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, is sometimes a daunting task. The doctor’s number one priority (as it should be) is on curing and beating the cancer enemy. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment causes the skin to become dry, acne, and hyperpigmentaion occurs. Going to your corner drugstore may cause more harm, because many items contain alcohol, which will combat the skin problems more. The correct skin care regiment would be:
• to keep the skin as moist as possible
• use only lukewarm water and a very mild calming cleanser
• avoid the use of perfumes (alcohol content)
• do not exfoliate your skin at all
• go to a certified oncology estheticician
• find a professional skincare line that caters to cancer patients
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check your local area

Sexual Side Effects of Chemotherapy
By Lisa Fayed, GuideJuly 2, 2012
Most people expect certain side effects of chemotherapy like hair loss and nausea, but they are usually surprised when it affects a very personal part of their life --  their sex life. The sexual side effects of chemotherapy are plenty, but what you experience and the severity greatly depends on what chemotherapy drug(s) you are taking and at what dose.  From the loss of sexual desire to male impotence, chemotherapy's sexual side effects can pose unique challenges in the bedroom. The good news is that the side effects are usually temporary and can often be relieved with OTC medications and products and in some cases, through prescription medication. .
A common question that people undergoing chemotherapy often ask is about using condoms during chemotherapy. Using condoms during intercourse while undergoing chemo isn't just about preventing pregnancy, its about preventing the exposure of chemo toxins to your partner in the days following chemotherapy. .